- BSE, Engineering Physics, Electrical Engineering (double major), Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH, GPA: 3.91.
Physics and electrical engineering with solid state concentration


- Researcher & Assistant, Purdue University Physics, West Lafayette, IN, Nuclear Physics.
  • Configured & ran radiation detector simulator to optimize high-rate liquid noble gas scintillation detector
  • Developed method for measuring and analyzing xenon/krypton gas chamber coincidence pulse data
  • Presented poster at DNDO-NSF Academic Research Initiative Grantees Conference
- Software engineer, BoxLogix Automation, LLC, Cincinnati, OH, Logistics/Supply Chain.
  • Developed an interface for customer relations, project and product management
  • Designed solutions to integrate with proprietary warehouse control system
  • Suggested ways to improve and optimize existing software
- Engineering technician, Pyramid Controls, Inc., Cincinnati, OH, Warehousing.
  • Assisted on-site with the maintenance and upgrade of a tilt-tray sorter
  • Became familiar with industry-standard automation hardware and software


Operating Systems Windows (XP/Vista/7/8), Linux (Fedora/Ubuntu)
Tools & Systems Apache HTTP, LDAP (389 DS, OpenLDAP), RDBMS (MS SQL, PostgreSQL), Samba, CUPS
Languages C/C++, Java, .NET (C#), Python, PHP, Perl, sed, AWK, SQL, VB6, (X)HTML, CSS, JavaScript, LaTeX, Bash
Libraries Bullet Physics (C++), NumPy/SciPy/Matplotlib (Python)
Applications MATLAB, Mathematica, R, Multisim, OrCAD/PSPICE, Origin, Igor Pro, Adobe (Photoshop, Premiere), Autodesk (3ds Max, AutoCAD), MS Office, Emacs, Make, Git, Doxygen
Lab Skills Radiation measurement, error/uncertainty analysis, analog/digital oscilloscopes, multimeters, function generators
Miscellaneous Problem solving, debugging, troubleshooting, hardware assembly

Honors & Awards

B.S. Chandrasekhar Prize, CWRU Undergraduate Honors.
for superior performance by a junior physics major
- Junior/Senior Scholarship, Case Alumni Association.
- Dean's List, Case Western Reserve University.
- Provost Scholarship, Case Alumni Association.